Question Matrix
The Question Matrix was designed by Chuck Weiderhold in 1991. It contains 36 question starters asking what, where, when, which, who, why and how. These questions are asked in present, past and future tenses ranging from simple recall through to predictions and imagination. Proceeding through the matrix, the questions become more complex and open-ended. The questions range from mere use of memory to creative and critical questioning.
The Question Matrix may be made into cubes, cards, spinners or divided into strips or single questions depending on the task.
The Question Matrix is a visual tool to assist students to create their own questions about topics. to encourage in-depth thinking. Students can become more independent at designing their own learning tasks. The opportunity for greater choice and flexibility and to follow up individual interests is facilitated.
The levels of Bloom's Taxonomy of Thinking can be linked to the Question Matrix. Questions along the top of the grid are knowledge questions. Questions along the bottom of the grid require analysis , synthesis and evaluation.

Questioning Strategies to Improve Student Thinking and Comprehension